Covid-19 Rules from 19th July 2021


The Government has advised that whilst facemasks are no longer required by law they are strongly advised. Our staff will continue to wear facemasks when serving customers. Customers are fully supported to continue wearing facemasks. However, The Allerford Inn is not making this compulsory. We request that anyone who chooses not to wear a facemask be very respectful of those that do, by maintaining social distancing of at least 1 metre.

Bar Service
Customers will be allowed to order and drink at the bar, but full table service will still be offered.

Functions, weddings, and events
Functions will now be permitted without restriction.

We request all customers pay by card where possible.

NHS track and trace
We will no longer be requesting that customers book in using track and trace but we would advise all customers continue to use the service. Forms will still be available for those unable to use the track and trace app.

Sitting outside
When customers sit outside they must either order via the QR code or take a note of the table number and come to the bar to order drinks and/or food.

Carvery will return to “self service” however, in this area, face masks are required. We recognise that one of the best parts of a carvery is being able to serve yourself. As you can imagine this is a potential risk area. Staff will be cleaning / replacing serving spoons on a regular basis. If you are unable to wear a facemask you will need to have another member of your table collect your food. We request that you use the hand sanitiser station prior to being serviced at the carver.

We will continue with the use of pagers on your table. This will make a loud noise and vibrate when it is your turn to come to the carvery area. Please leave your pager on the table unless sitting outside.

When you arrive at the carvery area you will see 4 waiting areas, please use the next available one.

Thank you for your continued support.



Because of the Covid-19 pandemic The Allerford Inn has to change the way we serve our customers.

Covid-19 Regulations from 19/05/2021 – NOW FINISHED

Please read and ask a member of our team if you have any questions. NHS QR Check-in code overleaf.

  • All customers are required to wear a face covering when in the pub other than when you are eating at your table. The only exception to this will be customers with genuine medical exemptions. Customers with these exemptions are required to show proof with an official card, document or lanyard. If proof cannot be provided, to protect you, our customers and staff, entrance will not be permitted. We have a limited stock of face-masks available for sale should you forget your own.


  • Max table size is 6 people from up to 2 households. Persons of any age are included in the total number. Groups of up to 30 can sit together outside with a pre-booking only.


  • Customers are not permitted to unnecessary movement around the pub. When moving around a face covering must be worn. Families with young children must always make every effort to keep their children with them.


  • Only card payments will be permitted. Please make sure you have a card for payment prior to ordering as cash will not be accepted.


  • The Allerford Inn has a no abuse policy. Customers who fail to adhere to these rules will be declined service.


  • All customers are required to either sign in using the NHS QR code, which is on the reverse of this page, or provide contact details of every member of your party. If you were unable to use the QR code, please let your server know and we will take your details.


  • All food and drink orders will be taken at your table. Customers may only approach the bar when being booked in or making a final bill payment.


We thank you for your support and understanding. Please bear with us as service will be slower than normal due to these rules.


Arrivals & Service

All customers are advised to book a table prior to arrival by visiting and clicking ‘book now’.

When you arrive at the pub you will notice a sign for entry and exit, please make your way to the entrance. One inside there are markers on the floor at the correct social distance, customers are asked to queue in their booking groups and make their way to the bar.

On arrival at the bar, our team will book you in and give you directions to your table.

At your table you can either order via our app or one of our team will be with you to take your order.

All your food and drinks will be delivered to your table. Once you have finished you can either pay at the table or at the bar.

Protecting our customers

We are following the government advice to make sure we are as Covid secure as possible. We have several sanitising stations around the pub.

Our staff are carrying out cleaning of all touch points every 30 minutes.

All our staff will be wearing PPE.

Tables will be pre laid but everything will be changed when guests leave regardless of use.

We will use our normal sauces and condiments. These will be disinfected between use.


We have identified carvery as a high-risk area, so to reduce this, customers will be served by staff. We have put large screens up in front of the carvery so customers will be invited up table by table. Our staff will then fill your plate however you wish.

We understand that one of the reason people love carvery is because you can serve yourself all the items you want so please do not be shy ask our staff for whatever you would like.

Whilst we are serving the carvery, we are offering a complementary top up so should you want a few more roast potatoes or vegetables, please ask one of our staff and they will bring you over a dish with some extras.

NHS Track & Trace

All information stored in our booking system will act as our track and trace database.

Customers with any symptoms of Covid-19 must not enter the premises under any circumstances.

All quests are required to book in with their contact details. If you cannot use the NHS QR code please provide one of our team with your details. Refusal or fake information will result in refusal of service.

We respectfully ask that any customer who has symptoms or has tested positive for Covid-19 up to 7 days after being in the pub to let one of our team know so we can take the appropriate action.


Q: Will staff be wearing PPE?


Q: Do customers have to wear PPE?

Yes at all time when not seated at your table. Those customers with medical exemptions must prove they are exempt. If no proof can be given in the interest of your safety and  that of our staff entrance will not be permitted.

Q: Will service be slower than normal?

Yes, the government have advised pubs to offer table service to every customer but at the same time make sure we have minimal staffing levels. This will undoubtedly result in increased wait time. We appreciate your patience.

Q: Can I have a buffet?

At this time, we cannot serve any food that can be touched by customers outside of a two-family group. Functions of up to 30 are permitted but a sit-down meal would have to be provided.

Please feel free to ask a member of the team should you have any questions about or during your visit.

We thank you for your support and understanding