Through the generosity of our customers, we were able to go on a trip, full on fun activities for all the group the enjoy.

We saved up all the tips throughout the year then treated ourselves to a bit of fun and new experiences.

This year, we travelled to London, on our way up we stopped off to do some laser tag at Bunker 51, which consisted of a few different games. The first one you get split into two teams and your objective to laser the opposite team, second game is called agent, where two people become the agent and the rest to laser them to then become an agent themselves, you gain more points being the agent. The 3rd game is everyone for themselves – when at work we are a team and we work together well but in the bunker and everyone’s for themselves, let’s just say it was war! The 4th game was called zombie attack and this consisted of selected people becoming a zombie and the rest had to laser them before the virus spread, and we finished on a game called gladiators, which was where you had to laser as many people as possible to change colour, green was the lowest and yellow was the highest. It was safe to say we all got quite competitive!


We stayed at The Tower Hotel for the night, which is a beautiful 4* hotel. We had a lovely meal at Sophie’s Steak House in the evening, we all enjoyed a 2 course meal – we couldn’t fit in a dessert! The evening was filled of chatter of the laser tag event and the activities that were set for the next day.

On the Tuesday, which was our main packed out day, we enjoyed the buffet breakfast at the hotel and then adventured out to go to London’s dungeon. London Dungeon is a tourist attraction, which recreates various gory and macabre historical events in a gallows humour style. It uses a mixture of live actors, special effects and rides. Each
rooms consisted of a different attraction and time. The attractions were; Descent, The Tyrant – Boat ride, Guy Fawkes, The Torturer, The Plague Doctor, Escape the Great Fire, Sweeney Todd, Whitechapel Labyrinth, Jack the Ripper, The Judge, A Great Escape, Drop Dead – Drop Ride to Doom and The Tavern for a drink. After that, we of course stopped at McDonald’s for lunch and enjoyed it in the sun with a great view of the Parliament and Big Ben (and course getting hunted by the birds for our food)

We then travelled to Bristol, where we picked up the two youngest staff members from the train station and headed to our next activity – go karting! This activity brought out the inner race drivers in us and competition got serious. We were no longer work colleagues, no longer friends, we were track enemies out to win for ourselves and no one was getting in our way. The seriousness of winning started at the very beginning of our practice run, we had a practice run of 5 minutes then 25 minutes of trying to get your best lap time. After 25 minutes, we had a break to grab a drink and think through our winning plan. Our next race was our qualifying race, this was where the pressure was getting to people, no one wanted to be taken off first. So we race for 20 minutes then they started taken off the last racer and kept doing this until the track was left with 3 racers. This was the race you wanted to be in, the Grand Prix, they raced it out for a 15 minutes and then we had a winner. Congratulations! We cheered all 3 winners, when they walked through after finishing the race and then it was trophy time! Our positions were called from last to the 1st, the 3 tops winners stood a podium and got given their trophies. To finish the trip off, we then went to Za Za Bazaar. It was a great way to end our trip to London/ Bristol and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

We would like to thank you all for making this possible 🙂

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