When someone ever asks what winter means to you, tell them; “nothing”. If they ask what Christmas means to you, let a slow smile drift to your lips, but do not answer. Instead think back to last
Christmas Day. Think back on the memories and the sights, the sounds and the smells. Think back and remember the absolute joy of family and fun, the delight of being a Christmas fire-gazer.

Stare into the fire. It crackles and spit before spluttering into life. Its lambent light stole away the burglar-black shadows dancing on the wall. Forks of rainbow-orange flame licked hungrily at the chimney as they climbed higher and higher. The fire’s hypnotic jig of joy was as much a celebration as ours. It wanted to be alive on Christmas Morn

The fires have been lit, decorations have been placed in the perfect position, a carnival of scents filled the pub and Christmas has definitely arrived at The Allerford Inn.

This year we are opening for Christmas Day and we hope you are all there to celebrate the special day with us. We are serving our 7 course Christmas lunch with all the trimmings, surrounded in what could be Santa’s grotto. The garlands, along with all the accessories has transformed the pub to be so much more cosier and this has to be an event not to be missed for the Christmas Season.

Our ‘green’ room has been transformed with snow, paper trees on the windows, ornaments and not forgetting the gorgeous log-burner, bring warmth and cosiness to your dining experience.Our function room have been turned into a garland grotto along with decorated bobbles and gold bells and a chandler of lights. You may also find a little Robbin placed around this room, the bird of Christmas.

We hope you enjoy the presentation of our decorations as much as us and we hope this month brings joy, happiness and family to you all.


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